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  • Testimonials


    FlexWheels – our wheels tool powered by PriceCoach – is the perfect solution for our distribution as well as our back office corporate processes. Thanks to PriceCoach, we are able to serve our retailing partners much quicker, more detailed and professional.

    Quote: Andy Gantenbein, Tui Switzerland, Flex Travel, Director of Business Development, Flights, Wheels, Sales & Operations



    PriceCoach is an excellent booking tool and assists us greatly in processing our bookings in trade and in our call center. Generating motorhome quotations quick and easy, enabling us to comparing rental companies amongst each other and placing direct bookings. Up-to-the-minute rates and availabliity at a single glance. Neatly and clearly structured, with elaborate documentation. I would never want to abandon PriceCoach.

    Quote: Franziska Wenger, Kuoni Reisen, Executive Head of Sales & Operations Individual Tours (March 2012)



    Initially, we have been maintaining our own system. The further development of this system did involve utmost efforts for world-wide-wheels. Additionally, our staff was permanently tied up with updating data. Since we have been using PriceCoach, our IT costs dropped to a minimum and maintaining data is minimized to forwarding update information of our rental partners to PriceCoach. We can finally focus on our sales again!
    Quote: Steivan Hartmann, Sales Manager, world-wide-wheels


  • Products / Arguments


    •  Establish or extend your wheels products by using our state-of-the-art IBE solution, at no initial costs
    Use the opportunity to participate in this market segment within 2-3 weeks only
    Optimize your work flow with the advantages of using our B2B interface for your back office
    Supply your Travel Agents via the B2B interface with our easy-to-use online quotation/booking tool
    Support your Travel Agents with the B2B2C interface for Travel Agents’ webpages
    Take advantage of our API interface to deliver data to Travel Web Shops
    Customize/promote your wheels products by using the advantages of:
       -your individual quality ranking of your Rental Companies
       -distinct teaser texts for your Rental Companies
    Benefit from the multilingualism on all system levels (Clients, Agents and Contractors [Rental Companies]). Currently available languages are GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, NL, with additional languages to be added continuously. This service includes text updates by professionals on a daily basis
    Analyze your entire wheels business in detail, based on the statistics available out of your individual PriceCoach application
    Capitalize from the fair pricing model where costs do arise for confirmed deals only
    Support your Agent Network with the easy-to-use agent enabled PriceCoach application


    •  Benefit from PriceCoachs’ Data Maintenance Service of sales manuals, special offers etc.
    •  Serve your clients in their preferred language, as all data is available in a variety of different languages (GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, NL, with additional languages to be added continuously)
    •  Manage or extend your portfolio of Rental Partners. Currently more than 100 international Rental Companies with their products and services are part of our system
    •  The set-up of your contractor portfolio is based on your individually negotiated contracts and prices
    •  Enhance your wheels products by creating your individual ‘all-inclusive’ packages
    •  Gain an increase in attractiveness of your products by individually created ‘special offers’
    •  Finetune your products by using the opportunity to individually mark-up your net prices with your own calculation concept
    •  Make your choice to either use your internal Foreign Exchange Rates or daily updated market rates
    •  Use the opportunity to add individual components (independent insurance options or the like)
    •  Determine the payability of each single component (in advance or locally)
    •  Minimize your amount of work involved in the booking process (direct booking: yes/no)
    •  Detailed booking file with net/gross figures available out of the system
    •  Manage your wheels business by using the detailed Analyses File containing all quotations/bookings
    •  The functionality of the PriceCoach system does not require any interface


    • • API Interface for your Agents (Services and Data)
    • • XML Interface for your back office system
    • • Use of our Interfaces onto the Rental Companies’ Reservation Systems
    • • Use of the Standard B2B online Interface (no installation required)

  • Rental Companies




    Australia AAMotorhomes Calculation
    Australia Apollo Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Apollo Car Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Backpacker Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Boomerang Calculation
    Australia Britz Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Britz Car Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Camperman Calculation
    Australia Cheapa Campa Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Hippie Calculation
    Australia Jucy Rentals Calculation
    Australia Kangaroo Calculation
    Australia KEA Calculation / Dynamic
    Australia Maui Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Mighty Campervan Calculation
    Australia Spaceships Calculation
    Australia Star RV Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Australia Travellers Auto Barn Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    Europe Amber Leisure Calculation
    Europe Avis-Car-Away Calculation
    Europe Blurent Calculation
    Europe Bunk Calculation
    Europe Camper Club Greece Calculation
    Europe Campilider Calculation
    Europe Caravancenter Calculation
    Europe Casavan Motorhome Calculation
    Europe Celtic Calculation
    Europe CHARIOTS Motorhome Hire Calculation
    Europe DRM Calculation
    Europe Imperial Motorhomes Calculation
    Europe is-travel-Island Tours Calculation
    Europe Jim Neary Selfdrive ltd Calculation
    Europe JS Campers Calculation
    Europe Just Go Calculation
    Europe Mc Rent Calculation
    Europe Motorhome Rent Calculation
    Europe Motorhomes Italy Calculation
    Europe Planete Holidays Calculation
    Europe Scottish Tourer Calculation
    Europe Solica Motorhome Calculation
    Europe Touring Cars Calculation
    New Zealand Adventure Deluxe Calculation
    New Zealand Alpha Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Apollo Calculation
    New Zealand Apollo Car Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Backpacker Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand BANZ Calculation
    New Zealand Britz Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Britz Car Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Cheapa Campa Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Easy Go Campers Calculation
    New Zealand Hippie Calculation
    New Zealand Jucy Rentals Calculation
    New Zealand KEA Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Kiwi Calculation
    New Zealand Maui Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Mighty Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand Pacific Horizon Calculation
    New Zealand Spaceships Rentals Calculation
    New Zealand Star RV Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    New Zealand United Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    South America Cultura Gaucho Calculation
    South America HolidayRent Calculation
    South America Motor Home Time Calculation
    South America Ruta Sur Calculation
    South America Trekker Calculation
    Southern Africa Africa on Wheels Calculation
    Southern Africa Asco Calculation
    Southern Africa Bobo Calculation
    Southern Africa Britz Calculation
    Southern Africa Bushlore Africa Calculation
    Southern Africa Caprivi Calculation
    Southern Africa KEA Calculation
    Southern Africa Maui Calculation
    Southern Africa Thrifty Car Rental Calculation
    USA / Canada ABC Calculation
    USA / Canada Alaska Travel Adventures Calculation
    USA / Canada Ambassador Calculation
    USA / Canada Apollo Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    USA / Canada Autoteam Calculation
    USA / Canada Canadream Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    USA / Canada Casual Camping Calculation
    USA / Canada Cheapa Campa Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    USA / Canada Cité Laval Caravane Calculation
    USA / Canada Cruise America Calculaation / Static
    USA / Canada Cruise Canada Calculaation / Static
    USA / Canada Delvan Calculation
    USA / Canada EagleRider Canada Calculation
    USA / Canada EagleRider USA Calculation
    USA / Canada El Monte Calculaation / Static
    USA / Canada Four Seasons RV Calculation
    USA / Canada Fraserway RV Calculation
    USA / Canada Go West Calculation
    USA / Canada GoNorth Alaska Travel Center Calculation
    USA / Canada Jucy Rentals Calculation
    USA / Canada Klondike RV Calculation
    USA / Canada Leblanc Motorhome Rentals Calculation
    USA / Canada Lost Campers Calculation
    USA / Canada Motorhome Travel Canada Calculation
    USA / Canada Moturis Calculaation / Static
    USA / Canada Owasco Calculation
    USA / Canada Road Bear Calculaation / Static
    USA / Canada Star RV Calculation / Static / Dynamic (in progress)
    USA / Canada STI Calculation
    USA / Canada TransAtlantic Calculation
    USA / Canada Traveland Calculation
    USA / Canada USA Reizen Calculation
    USA / Canada Vanalouer Calculation
    USA / Canada Westcoast Mountain Calculation

You Are A Travel Agency


  • Testimonials


    “We have been using PriceCoach since quite a while and are very satisfied with it. There is no longer a need to contact the Tour Operator first and quotations for clients can be generated without any waiting time. The vehicle details are very pleasant, as the client can get a a really good impression of the vehicle. An added value, which pays off for all parties involved, the Tour Operator, the Travel Agency and finally the clients.”

    Quote: Adrian Gisler, Company Management, Hauger Reisen AG



    “What more can one ask for – the pleasant and clear presentation of the quotations is magnificent. The PriceCoach system does simplify the calculation of RV quotations considerably. Furthermore, the opportunities to customizing quotations and thereby paying tribute to individual requirements of clients is vital and enables us to easily promote our motorhome products. We from Travel World Wide would never want to refrain from using our PriceCoach application.”

    Quote: Selina Hänggi, Product Manager Wheels, Travel World Wide



    “The PriceCoach tool eases the generation of quotations immensely. Less errors occur, it is way more time efficient, user friendly and the client does receive a well structured quotation and detailed information on the vehicle type and the rental company. In addition to that, i think the possibility to sending quotations as pdf files is very convenient also.”

    Quote : Ursula Bircher, Tour Operating Executive, Schaer Reisen



    “Being a long term RV specialist, we got in touch with the matter very early. With the PriceCoach tool we are no longer exposed to hidden surcharges, as one gets led from one step to the other. Also very user-friendly is the opportunity to save quotations, which can easily be re-newed at the touch of a button. In the range of modular travel systems, PriceCoach has set new standards with their tool.”

    Quote: Jonas Sulzberger, Owner, Travel Agency Marc Sulzberger

  • Product / Arguments


    •  Use of the most state-of-the-art IBE solution, free of charge
    •  B2B2C Interface for your webpage (in your individual ‘look and feel’, if required)
    •  Complete market transparency (up to the level of mileages and insurance options)
    •  Detailed quotations within seconds only, available via eMail, in PDF format
    •  Option to implement own, individual components (i.e. booking or handling fees, discounts or surcharges and the like)
    •  Opportunity to manipulate the rental basic price, dependent on your own commission
    •  Option to use your own company logo on the PDF files
    •  Option to display unbranded results
    •  Online booking functionality via B2B or B2B2C, including confirmation in real time
    •  Use of all system levels in your preference languages (GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, NL, with additional languages to be added continuously)
    •  Detailed statistics on various levels (quotations, bookings, cancellations etc)
    •  Google Tracking of AdWords campaigns


    •  Your individual texts (components, vehicle descriptions, Pick-up information) are being translated by experts (GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, NL, with additional languages to be added continuously)


    •  Create your own webpage or upgrade your current web shop with data via API interface from your Consolidator/TourOperator, using PriceCoach
    •  XML interface for data transfer to your Mid-Office-System

  • Touroperator in Action

  • Upgrade Packages

    1. standard easy: free of charge

    • Standard IBE
    • Standard stationary
    • Stand alone integration
    • Standard E-Mail texts
    • Standard colors of your tour operator
    • Payment Modus: manually

    2. upgrade economy: CHF 500

    • Standard IBE
    • Standard stationary incl. agent logo
    • Individual agent text for offer e-mail
    • Individual agent  header and colors
    • Selectable registration points
    • Payment modus: manually

    3. upgrade superior: CHF 800

    • Standard IBE
    • Agent stationary
    • Individual agent text for offer e-mail
    • Individual agent  header colors
    • Selectable registration points
    • Payment modus: invoice or credit card
    • “several tour operator” option
    • Google Adwords Tracking

    4. upgrade flexy: CHF 2500 (+ CHF 180/hour)

    • Standard IBE (customizable)
    • Individual design for IBE
    • Individual design for offer templates
    • Selectable registration points
    • Hosted solution (excl. monthly hosting costs)
      External hosting possible
    • Integration via Subdomain or into your own webpage
    • Payment modus: invoice or credit card
    • “several tour operator” option
    • Google Adwords Tracking

You Are A Rental Company

Touroperator / Agent network
Your complexity is our challenge

  • Testimonials


    “McRent, Europe’s largest Motorhome Rental Company is offering Motorhomes in seven European Countries. As all counties have their individual pricing- and seasons-system, it is often not easy to be updated at any time.  PriceCoach gives our Tour-Operators and Travel-Agencies the possibility to be updated with pricing, season-times and useful additional information about Motorhome rentals in the different European Countries. It makes working much easier.”

    Quote: Alexander Kastl, Managing Director, McRent



    “The guys at PriceCoach are serious professionals!  Having worked with them closely for several years now, I know them to be hard working and dedicated to providing an easy and efficient customer service experience for our mutual clients.  They are on the cutting edge of technology and have developed a brilliant system.  At the same time, they are ever mindful that ours is a customer driven business; they don’t take this lightly.  It is a pleasure to working with them and they are serious about keeping their customers well-informed and well-served.”

    Quote: Cory Kauffmann, Director of International Marketing, Cruise America & Cruise Canada



    Our company has been featured on PriceCoach since its inception in 2010 and we are extremely pleased with the business growth, directly generated from this innovative booking system in this time.  rates and special offers are always immediately and accurately loaded to the system which allows our key business partners a fast and simple way to access and book our motorhomes, ensuring they will always have the most updated product information at the best available price.

    Quote: Craig Smith, Business Development Manager Europe, United Vehicle Rentals, Alpha Vehicle Rentals New Zealand

  • Products / Arguments


    •  Set up of your entire product range and services without any costs
    Independent of the complexity of your program, such will be online within 10 working days
    Detailed quotations incorporating all cost-relevant components, independent of the complexity of your program (i.e. including the applicability of rules: if client chooses insurance option 2, insurance option 1 is to be deselected)
    Standard- or Flex Rate Systems possible (also applicable for one ways)
    Within only just 2 working days, your special offers are online and bookable for thousands of Travel Agents
    Opportunity to obtain access to the world-wide network of TourOperator/Consolidator and Agents
    Your individual texts (components, vehicle descriptions, Pick-up information) are being translated by experts Current Languages: GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, NL, with additional languages to be added continuously


    •  Benefit from the technical possibilities within the PriceCoach system. Our system is capable of displaying your data, we adapt to your program into our system


    • • Availability check & booking interface on two levels:
      •      -Static (cyclically distributed update files by the rental company)
      •      -Dynamic (via xml interface)


  • Touroperator in Action

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